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Theta Decay is my Best Friend in Options Trading

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Theta decay might sound like a different language or some obscure concept, but let me tell you – it's been my best friend in options trading world. In fact, theta decay is the primary source for paying my monthly bills! It also funds my wildest dreams and adventures! Let's talk about what theta decay is and how it has transformed my life and freedom, but more importantly how it can transform your options selling experience as well!

So, what is theta decay? Explained in the most simple terms (which is really all I ever do) it's the rate at which an option loses value as time passes. If you have sold an option, you want it to lose value. If you sell a put and collect $100 and you can buy it back to close the trade for $5 that is the greatest gift. You just made $95 in passive income. Combining theta decay with high volatility allows us to collect premium as time passes and the option's value dwindles.

Now, how has theta decay become my BFF in life and options trading? Well, it all started when I began selling premium and using theta decay to my advantage. By strategically selling options with high extrinsic value (the portion of an option's price not attributed to intrinsic value), I've managed to generate a steady stream of income that not only covers my everyday expenses but also funds my most epic experiences.

Take, for example, my last vacation on Royal Caribbean. I sold RCL put options, and as time ticked away, theta decay worked its magic, allowing me to collect premium as the options lost value. Before I knew it, I had enough cash to set sail on the adventure of a lifetime, all thanks to my dear friend theta decay!

But that's not all. Remember that swanky Airbnb I stayed at during my last getaway? That's right – theta decay was there for me, too. By selling ABNB put options, I was able to fund my entire vacation and explore new destinations in style, all while profiting from the relentless march of time.

And it doesn't end there. Theta decay has even helped me embrace a healthier lifestyle. I recently bought a cold plunge pool by selling put ratio spreads, turning my options trading profits into a fantastic addition to my daily wellness routine.

So, how can you harness the power of theta decay and turn it into your BFF, too? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Focus on selling options with high extrinsic value. As time passes, the extrinsic value will decay, allowing you to collect premium and potentially buy back the options at a lower price.

  2. Sell options with a shorter time to expiration. Theta decay accelerates as the expiration date approaches, so selling options with 30-45 days until expiration can maximize your theta decay profits.

  3. Keep an eye on implied volatility. Options with high implied volatility typically have higher extrinsic value, making them prime candidates for selling premium and profiting from theta decay.

  4. Manage your risk. Selling options comes with inherent risks, so always have a plan in place to protect your account and ensure you can continue to reap the benefits of theta decay.

In conclusion, theta decay can be a game-changer in your options trading journey, transforming your financial life and funding your wildest dreams. By embracing the power of time and mastering the art of selling premium, you can turn theta decay into your ultimate BFF and live life on your terms.

Join the Good Kids Trading (GKT) community today, and we'll help you navigate the exciting world of options trading, combining our core principles of trading small, trading often, and trading mechanically with the magic of theta decay. Together, we'll make theta decay work for you, funding not only your necessities but also your most fabulous adventures!

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