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Introduction to Good Kids Trading

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

I created Good Kids Trading (GKT) because I couldn't find a community that fit my trading style. A community that focuses on trading mechanically and using statistic and probabilities to my advantage. Since I could not find what I was looking for in a community I decided I should just build it!

A quick overview of my background:

I've been a full time trader since 2021 meaning trading is my main source of income now. I've been an active trader since 2017, but I kept my day job. I've have invested and managed my own long term accounts for over 20 years.

My current trading style has been labelled as boring by some people, and it's probably true as I haven't double or tripled my account in a year, but my trading pay my bills. I have traded through bear markets as well as bull markets, I even traded through a pandemic. All of this without blowing up my trading account or losing it all. Sure there have been draw downs, very bad trades, bad strategies, but I'm still here.

I've tried all kinds of strategies, trading styles, and I even used robots to trade for me. If you name it, I've heard of it, and probably even tried it. A lot of these sexy, self-proclaimed 'wildly profitable' strategies mostly ended with the same results, waves of big wins and waves of big losses.

I've been part of many different trading groups. The communities often lose focus on trading mechanics, some communities start breaking their own rules looking for profits instead of following the trade plan. Many experts turn out to be salesmen who only profit from their subscribers monthly fee and/or selling their strategy. I've seen firsthand many experts who don't even trade! Often times the communities discussions go off tangents, rants, or topics not related to trading.

What is GKT:

We have designed GKT to be a supportive community where personal bias and opinions aren't discussed. We acknowledge personal views and opinions exist, but instead we focus on trading mechanically using math based decisions and statistics to our advantage.

The admins of GKT actually trade. We trade often, keep our risk small and letting probability work to our advantage. Options trading is complicated, of course there are risks, but knowledge is power. The risk is options trading is reduced as long as you understand the power of leverage, and make sure you are not over leveraged in your option trading strategies.

Do not expect a follow me system at GKT. There are not official trades, we are not providing trade advice. We are sharing trades we are taking as ideas and discussions to help educate everyone in our community to become better traders and learn new ideas on how to make money through trading.

GKT provides a forum to discuss mechanical and consistent trading. There is also discussions on mindset, growth, and self-improvement. The cool thing is you don't have to make 100% of your account 'boring'.

Come participate in our discord community: start, grow and give with us!

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