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Join a community focused on
becoming better traders, investors, and humans!

We focus on trading using math and mechanics. 

Trade Smart: High probability Trades

Trade Small: Manage risk: Trade small

Trade Often: Using statistical advantages

Be Kind: Good Kids Only 

All levels of expertise are welcome

Good Kids Trading is committed to  Start, Grow, Give approach. 

All experience levels are welcome!


Beginner Trader

Looking for a place to start? Confused about calls and puts? Delta, Theta, Gamma all greek to you?

Start learning with us. Trading options is very complicated, and we are here to help educate you


Intermediate Trader

Grow your knowledge, expand your trading knowledge, and learn new strategies. Share your ideas with other traders and hone your trading skills with a community of like minded people.


Advanced Trader

Give back, help newer traders enriching your life and keeping your knowledge and skills sharp.

Share your ideas with other traders. Discuss advanced strategies and probabilities with other traders. 

The Best Brokerage for Options Traders


Tasty Trade is our favorite brokerage choice for options trading! They provide unparalleled technology, competitive rates, and exceptional support, empowering you to take control of your financial journey.

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