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Welcome to Good Kids Trading, where we help you trade smarter, not harder. We provide you with free education, risk management tips, and proven trading strategies, so you can achieve your financial goals with confidence. Our methods are based on math, options, dividends, and technicals. We don’t chase quick profits or over leverage. We build a solid and profitable trading career together, one trade at a time. Join us today and become a Good Kid!

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The Good Kids Trading Toolbox

The stock market doesn't have to be a scary casino. Learn our methodology, we focus on building consistent passive income using the following principals. What sets GKT apart:


Learn about Options

Stock options have the reputation of being complicated and dangerous. Let us educate you how to use options to hedge your portfolio, generate income and speculate on market movements. 


Risk Management

Risk is the key to long term success. We keep our losses small and take high probability trades to build consistent income over time. We do not overleverage or take large risks. We  grow our accounts over time while learning strategies that consistently create income and build wealth


Technical Analysis

Learn how to use charting to your advantage. Candlesticks help you buy low and sell high. We use indicators and chart patterns to spot potential reversals and breakout outs. 


Premium Selling

All options are overpriced. We often sell options as most options expire worthless and the market normally over estimates volatility. We use premium selling to generate income as well as lowering our cost basis on shares of companies that we own.


Dividend Stocks

Dividend stocks have a bad reputation in trading groups. We love dividend stocks because they provide steady sources of income. Dividends are the most passive income stream around.


Building a Trade Plan

Trading without a plan is the number one reason why most traders fail. Trading plans help you remain disciplined, ensure you have good risk management and use strategies that you understand and believe in. Without a plan you are trading on emotions


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All levels of expertise are welcome

Good Kids Trading is committed to  Start, Grow, Give approach. 

All experience levels are welcome!


Beginner Trader

Looking for a place to start? Confused about calls and puts? Delta, Theta, Gamma all greek to you?

Start learning with us. Trading options is very complicated, and we are here to help educate you


Intermediate Trader

Grow your knowledge, expand your trading knowledge, and learn new strategies. Share your ideas with other traders and hone your trading skills with a community of like minded people.


Advanced Trader

Give back, help newer traders enriching your life and keeping your knowledge and skills sharp.

Share your ideas with other traders. Discuss advanced strategies and probabilities with other traders. 

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Recognizing that 95% of stock trading is mental, we prioritize the education and emotional well-being of our community. Managing your emotions is crucial for success, and we provide the support system you need. Unlike other groups, we're laser-focused on trading – not politics or religion. We're dedicated to risk management and won't bombard you with new sales pitches every week.

We focus on trading using

Math and Mechanics. 


Trade Smart: High probability Trades

Trade Small: Manage risk

Trade Often: Using statistical advantages

Be Kind: Good Kids Only 

The Best Brokerage for Options Traders


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